August 23

CX industry update –AI is here to stay

AI is going to play a crucial role in contact centers and will be integral in technical operations and customer service.

The growth of AI in CX management and customer service

Cortical announced the release of Contract Intelligence 4.5, an AI software that automates searches, extracts, classifies, and compares key information from structured and unstructured documents, making it easier to manage and structure information.

Meanwhile,, the conversational AI and customer experience (CX) platform, has grown by over 470%. The rapid growth can be attributed to investment funding and the rapid onboarding of customers. 

The growth of and the announcement of Contract Intelligence 4.5 shows that AI will be an integral part of CX operations. 

Artificial intelligence software can improve the quality of CX service and reduce the cost of operations and if contact centers are to thrive in the future, they would need to invest in AI software.

Why is AI so prevalent in CX operations?

AI will be an integral part of CX operations as a result of the benefits the technology provides. 

Artificial intelligence can help reduce operating costs by removing unnecessary steps in administrative and technical operations. The streamlined workflows would help reduce operating costs, allowing CX engineers to complete work more efficiently.  

AI interfaces can also improve the quality of customer service and automate customer service functions; this means that contact centers can service more customers, leading to better FCR rates and higher satisfaction rates.

The technology can assess customer data, allowing contact center managers to determine upsell and cross-sell opportunities, all of which can improve revenue and raise CX ROI.

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