October 26

The CX industry is heading towards a hybrid working model

As enterprises look to the future of work in a post-pandemic environment, questions arise about the new working model for CX environments. Should CX centers return to the office or is hybrid working the new norm? 

While each CX center must adopt a model that works for them, evidence indicates that a hybrid working model—a mix of remote and in-office—will become the new norm within the industry.

A global study by Deloitte revealed that over 75% of contact centers could move to a cloud-based CX solution within the next two years. 

This is a crucial discovery because cloud-based solutions allow CX agents to work remotely. As more centers adopt cloud-based solutions, you can expect CX centers to follow suit with a hybrid working model where some workers work remotely while supervisors, and other leaders, gradually return to the office should they choose to. 

The trend is partially inspired by business leaders. Over half (56%) of the 700 participants of a survey revealed that working from home improved management’s perspective on remote working, convincing them that it is a viable way for contact centers to operate in the future.

Why are CX centers embracing the hybrid work model? 

Centers are embracing remote working because it provides some security in the event of unprecedented crises. 

With most CX agents working from home, they are less vulnerable to disruption from exogenous shocks.

Remote working has also forced CX centers to adopt sophisticated cloud-based solutions to streamline work processes. For example, instead of using a phone, CX agents used apps to communicate with customers. 

The apps provided insight into productivity using a variety of metrics, allowing CX agents to drive performance levels. Providing standard technology for CX agents to use further streamlined several processes such as troubleshooting, reducing system downtime.

The prospect of higher productivity, sophisticated CX systems, and protection against exogenous shocks makes the hybrid work model an exciting development for CX centers.

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