March 9

CX Industry could be dominated by major tech giants in the future

The CX industry could be undergoing a significant change as new firms make forays into the industry with their own offerings or strategic acquisitions.

Zoom, a major video communication software company launched their own omnichannel CX software, combining all the modern communication features of a contact center into a single hub to make CX easier to manage to support remote working teams. 

Furthermore, Hubspot has invested a significant sum into a cloud-based contact center solution as part of a large ongoing collaboration project, the provider of the CX solution plans to use the funds to accelerate the development of the voice and phone communications ecosystem. 

Moreover, Salesforce has integrated a CX solution into their system to make their platform more accessible to new users through training courses, sales demos, and proof of concepts (POC). 

These developments have interesting implications for the overall direction of the CX industry. 

What does this mean for the industry? 

The launch of new applications or acquisitions of existing ones demonstrates the CX industry’s value. 

The fact that Zoom is launching its own CX application after dominating its own niche is an indicator of how valuable CX is. But, most concerningly for established players, Zoom feels that they have something to offer that other businesses are not providing. 

Interestingly, Zoom has been careful to emphasize the experience of using the CX platform; for example, the organisation has demonstrated the platform’s effortless deployment and use, such as the graphical drag-and-drop designer functionality. 

However, not all acquisitions are spearheaded by plans to enter a new market, but instead, to make their platforms more accessible to employees, as was demonstrated by Salesforce’s investment in a CX platform to make it easier for employees to learn their solution.  This demonstrates that quality CX benefits not only an organization’s clients but also its employees.

What does the future of the CX industry look like?

With new companies entering the market and large tech companies investing in CX solutions to support their employees, the industry could be undergoing a significant change. 
We could be seeing new areas where CX could be expanded on. For example, solutions geared towards creating a better employee experience. Alternatively, we would see CX solutions being further simplified and utilized by a broader spectrum of organizations.

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