December 8

CX centers face delays when migrating to new platforms

CX centers are turning to cloud-based solutions to increase operational efficiency and improve CX quality.

Despite the consensus that has been reached on the benefits of cloud platforms, most CX centers are still struggling to make the transition efficiently because of challenges faced on multiple fronts. 

These issues delay the migration project and hurt the quality of the finished project, which undermines the ROI of the undertaking as a whole.

If CX centers are to make migration to a new platform as efficient as possible, and meet their implementation deadlines, they will need to identify these issues and take steps to resolve them.

Obstacles facing CX centers

CX centers face several obstacles that make migration far more technically demanding and costly than planned.

A survey of technical teams revealed that only 7% of IT teams have the resources they need to meet their implementation deadlines—indicating that significant resource shortages are hindering their ability to migrate. 

Poor direction and lack of resources also lead to severely delayed migration projects; with IT decision-makers reporting that they are approximately 4.171 months behind their original digital transformation implementation deadline. 

By contrast, business leaders estimate the delay at 5.34 months, signaling disparities between the perspectives of technical and business teams. 

This misunderstanding arises from a lack of communication between business and IT teams. Surveys show that only 43% of IT teams are consulted during migration initiatives, meaning that more than half of IT teams are not given the opportunity to offer their expertise. 

When technical teams fall short of implementation deadlines, it leads to mixed results in the migration project and no clear consensus on whether the project was a success or not. 

Discrepancies over project success occur depending on who is consulted. For example, over 75% of managing directors versus 35% of managers say their digital transformation experiences are successful.

Meeting deadlines in digital transformation

Centers need to assess their management of migration projects to meet deadlines in digital transformation and migration. They need to re-examine resources allocated for the migration project and agree upon realistic benchmarks for the migration project. 

CX centers should also close the gap between business and technical teams by creating a more transparent CX environment where leaders across teams can pool their skills to work towards an optimal outcome.

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