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Trends in CX automation that will shape contact center operations in 2024

CX automation covers a wide spectrum of solutions that improve contact center operations and aims to deliver CX excellence and allow businesses to gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Being all the noise at CX events this year, the sphere of CX automation has been brought to the forefront as most organizations focus on harnessing the power of novel technologies and innovations to augment and empower agent performance through intelligent solutions.

Leveraging automation in contact centers allows businesses to streamline operations, boost the efficiency of workflows and generate higher returns on investment, all while delivering a superior level of engagement to customers with each interaction.

While businesses have been utilizing CX automation to drive results over many years, the recent developments in technology and innovations are opening new avenues for further optimizing CX delivery. 

Let’s look at the most notable trends and explore which ones are worth investing in.

What CX automation entails? 

Like in all aspects of business, automation in the realm of CX involves the use of tools and solutions that allow contact centers to automatically carry out operations that would otherwise need to be performed by human agents.

Automation in contact centers can encompass simpler aspects such as the automation of call routing with IVR solutions to more complex aspects such as comprehensive chatbots that power self-service functionalities.

In meeting the constantly changing demands and preferences of customers, automation evolves at a swift pace in the CX space in order to identify fresher avenues to cater to new customer requirements and deliver customer satisfaction.

What are the most promising CX automation trends heading into 2024?

With 2023 thus far shaping up to be a transformative year in CX, technology in the contact center landscape is continuing to revolutionize operations exponentially. 

This drives CX automation trends that primarily focus on delivering better CX for greater customer engagement and also on achieving optimal efficiency from agents. 

Therefore, the right tools can simultaneously boost returns and increase loyalty and customer satisfaction for organizations that adopt them. 

Here’s a rundown of the key CX automation trends that are likely to have the biggest impact in 2024 and beyond:

  1. Hopping on to the cloud with migration to CCaaS

CCaaS is the latest iteration of contact center evolution and leverages the advanced capabilities of cloud technologies to unify CX and optimize contact center operations. 

Omnichannel capabilities are one of the salient benefits of migrating to CCaaS as agents can seamlessly achieve uniformity in CX delivery by bringing multiple channels together and breaking down data silos through the integration of cloud-based data across various sources to enable agents to easily access any information that is pertinent to an interaction.

  1. Hyper-personalization of CX delivery

The modern customer base for most organizations is extremely diverse with each individual customer having a uniquely defined set of requirements. The degree to which CX delivery can be personalized can be the difference between a satisfied or dissatisfied customer.

Hence, CX automation is increasingly utilized in identifying each customer’s preferences through insightful analysis of information to deliver tailor-made CX that maximizes engagement and fully caters to their requirement with hyper-personalized interactions.

  1. Evolution of advanced automated self-service solutions

One main area that powers the advancement of automated self-service solutions in contact centers is modern chatbots augmented with the latest innovations in the AI space that in 2023 have benefited from the rapid rate of progress in generative, conversational and large language models of AI.

Unlike the self-service solutions of the past that were generally incapable of personalizing conversations to deliver engaging experiences, their modern counterparts can gauge customer intent to provide compelling levels of engagement, save time for agents, offer quick resolutions to queries for improved customer satisfaction and boost savings in agent hours.

  1. Advancement in automated speech recognition

Modern contact centers have benefited greatly from the implementation of advanced speech recognition tools that enable extremely accurate and efficient routing for seamless interactions with minimal call handling and transfer rates—ensuring that customers swiftly reach the right agent to meet their needs. 

Innovations in technologies such as NLP enable customers to seamlessly voice out their requirements to an intelligent system that can decipher the requirement and route calls effectively.This is in stark contrast to the dial-pad inputs that were more cumbersome and time-consuming in the past.

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