January 27

How CX automation can transform operations

While we have talked about the benefits of CX automation as it pertains to operating costs, we have not discussed how automation can have a positive impact on CX quality

The different ways CX automation can optimize operations

Improve different CX metrics

Automating CX operations improves a variety of metrics related to efficiency, such as the average handling times (AHT), effectively reducing the duration of calls and allowing CX agents to serve more customers at any given time. 

Besides AHT, CX automation can improve different metrics related to service quality. You will see substantial improvements in quality scores, net promoter scores and customer feedback. 

Improve CX agent productivity and enrich the bottom line

In addition, CX automation can help you reduce the strain on your most valuable resource – your agents.

With automation systems, agents don’t have to spend as much time searching for information on their customers because automated systems can collect and present the information when needed, reducing the workload on all your agents while also leading to experience for customers.

In addition, automation can help businesses improve their bottom line through additional opportunities for product sales when the time is appropriate.

Deeper insight into customer preferences

Automated solutions can assess the customer experience in real-time, providing better insight into their preferences. 

The additional insight is invaluable because the way customers interact with an omnichannel CX environment is constantly changing. For example, when lockdowns were strictly enforced, customers preferred to find answers to their queries leveraging self-service options. 

Having this insight into customer preferences can help you make informed decisions on resource allocation or optimizing systems for further improvement. 

Embracing higher CX quality and creating a better experience for customers

CX automation systems are far more than platforms used to reduce operating costs but are instruments that could ignite significant changes in the way CX centers operate, mainly by optimizing key metrics, reducing the workload on your agents, and providing deeper insight into the way customers operate. 

Investing in automation systems can help turn your organisation into a more efficient, agile center which is critical given that CX standards are constantly changing.

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