September 15

It’s all about the experience: CX centers are investing in technology to improve the CX experience

Contact centers are making strategic investments to deliver a more empathic experience to customers.

In August, Genesys, a renowned CX provider in the industry, announced the release of new automation technologies to their platform. The technology was directed towards understanding customer intent to help CX centers deliver a more empathetic experience to their customers.

Some of these technologies include asynchronous web messaging, which will enrich the traditional web chat experience, and “Intent Aware Bots”, which use text analytics to detect customer intentions by analyzing speech patterns in real-time.  

These strategic releases by Genesys indicate a trend towards providing personalized experiences to customers. 

The goal of personalized customer experience is to resolve issues more efficiently, reduce operating costs, and improve the quality of the experience from the customer’s perspective. CX centers aim to accomplish this by automating part of the CX management process. More specifically, the part related to managing customers. 

This development means that companies providing automated tools will grow, as was the case with Xdroid. 

Xdroid, a speech analytics company, announced significant growth in the first half of 2021 by expanding its customer base by over 50%. 

The company revealed that it had won contracts for over 12,000 agents, from different companies, like the HRMC. These businesses can use speech analytics software to analyze calls, which can be used to improve customer service. For instance, the HRMC could analyze over 30 million calls a year using Xdroid software.

Why is customer experience becoming more important?

Studies reveal that customers put far more emphasis on how agents interact with them and use it as a determining factor for doing repeat business with the company.

Hence, businesses with a reputation for providing service sensitive to customer’s needs will have an easier time winning them over. 

To improve the quality of service, CX centers are investing in software that enables them to analyze millions of messages in real-time to provide better service. 

Better customer service also mitigates the damage done by bots, which is a growing problem in the CX industry. They hurt business profitability and undermine client relationships. Over 80% of businesses have stated that bots have harmed the customer experience.

Investing in better CX technology can help build better relationships with customers, combatting the adverse effect set by this troubling development.

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