December 8

Cloud technology developments that could impact CX organizations

A survey revealed that global spending on cloud services was £46.3 billion in the first financial quarter of 2022, indicating a significant increase in the use of cloud services. 

Increased adoption of cloud services triggers several developments that could affect how organizations leverage cloud technology. 

In this industry update, we explore how key cloud developments could impact CX organizations. 

The proliferation of serverless computing 

Most applications are hosted on a server, which costs a significant amount of time and resources to maintain or upgrade. 

However, this might change due to the advent of serverless computing, which could revolutionize the concept of hosting applications. 

Through serverless hosting, users will only pay for the data they have used, making it more cost-effective. Furthermore, applications are no longer dependent on the physical capacity of the server. 

The advent of hybrid or multi-cloud 

Most CX organizations are already using multiple cloud solutions within their infrastructure and this trend will continue to grow and expand over time. 

Furthermore, the hybrid cloud is also becoming more popular alongside the multi-cloud infrastructure, where organizations are using both publicly available cloud servers alongside their private infrastructure. 

This would encourage organizations to diversify their cloud infrastructure, which could change the way organizations operate. 

The integration of automation into internal operations 

Automation has long been lauded as a way to simplify and streamline processes to reduce operating costs and improve productivity. 

When applied to cloud software, automated technologies could have significant implications on how internal operations are completed. This means personnel can make changes automatically without the need for developers and engineers to perform these operations, making the platform more efficient to work on than before. 

Pushing CX innovation using cloud technology

Cloud technology is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of human-centred CX design and deployment

It is rapidly becoming a core component of CX because it is best suited for implementing the cost-effective, agile CX networks that are critical for thriving in the modern business environment. 

Having this environment is crucial as organizations depend on delivering high-quality CX to their customers to retain them.

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