November 11

Cloud and AI are critical for CX success in the future

Over the past few years, cloud-based technology has ensured that CX evolves from a call-based function to an omnichannel CX center that can track communication from thousands of people across different mediums. 

This, however, is just the start, and technology will continue to play an integral role in the evolution and growth of CX in the foreseeable future. 

The rise of conversational AI 

One wave of technology that is quickly taking over is conversational AI. Powered by natural language processing and machine learning bots, conversational AI allows machines to conduct natural conversations with customers to complete specific requests.

CX organizations are using AI to manage rising call volume. The past few years have seen a massive increase in call volume, placing a strain on human resources. To mitigate the pressure, organizations are using conversational AI to perform simple, routine services, saving their agents for only complex tasks while using bots to complete smaller tasks. This has reduced operating costs anywhere between 15% and 70% while providing high-quality CX. 

Furthermore, using conversational AI has allowed organizations to improve CX quality. Organizations that employ conversational AI have seen a 3.5x increase in customer satisfaction rates. 

The increase in satisfaction can be attributed to having more self-service options. AI gives customers an opportunity to personalize their service and resolve their own issues using AI, which makes the service more efficient. It also allows organizations to collect customer data, which can be leveraged to improve service in the long run.

Cloud adoption is reaching its peak

Cloud-based CX solutions have been critical for the growth of CX. Cloud solutions are easier to manage due to their more agile infrastructure, allowing organizations to handle high traffic levels while reducing operating costs. Hence, more organizations are starting to adopt cloud infrastructure. 

For that reason, we could be reaching the tipping point of cloud adoption. A Deloitte report revealed that over 75% of CX organizations plan to migrate to the cloud by 2023. IDC predicts that investments in cloud-based solutions will account for over 67% of infrastructure spending by 2025, compared to 33% for non-cloud solutions. 

The increase in cloud-based investments was triggered by the pandemic. With most employees working from home, organizations quickly saw that their CX systems did not match their rapidly expanding technical requirements. 

Furthermore, worker expectations have changed. Most employees prefer WFH, with a Gallup poll revealing that only 6% of workers are willing to return to work. Adopting cloud-based solutions allows organizations to meet the demands of a rapidly changing environment while providing high-quality CX.

Cloud and AI are playing a critical role in CX

The future of CX would be tech and data-driven as cloud, and AI continue to play an integral role. This is because organizations have to deal with multiple problems, such as rising costs, rising CX standards, and a rapidly changing industry. AI and cloud computing can help organizations tackle these problems and increase CX quality, which can help maximize CX ROI.

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