November 16

How the pandemic has changed customer experience standards

As the pandemic forced people indoors, consumers resorted to digital channels to purchase goods and services. This change in consumption has changed the way customers interact with businesses. 

Studies show that customers are relying on digital communication channels instead of voice calls to contact businesses and CX centers. They also expect consistent communication across different mediums. 

Online communication has emerged as the leading form of communication for customers, and contact centers are expected to adapt if they want to stay relevant. 

How are CX centers responding to changing customer preferences? 

Contact centers are expanding their digital operations by investing in tools that would allow them to provide the seamless omnichannel experience that customers now expect.

Omnichannel platforms facilitate an upgrade in the quality of customer experience CX centers can provide because the new platforms allow contact centers to track a customer’s journey across different mediums. 

CX agents can use the system to understand a customer’s queries, which helps ensure that customers don’t have to repeat their issue if the call is escalated to another agent. 

Omnichannel CX also allows CX centers to divide customer experience into different layers by leveraging chatbots or messaging apps to resolve low-level issues while saving CX agents’ time for more complex, high-level problems. 

This tiered option makes CX more convenient for customers while helping CX centers optimize their resource allocation. 

CX centers are also expanding their digital repertoire by investing in facial recognition, screen monitoring, voice biometrics, and near-environment monitoring to optimize operations. They are also adopting cloud or hybrid models on an accelerated timeline to reduce the cost of operating their CX environments. 

The CX industry is evolving

The pandemic has changed the trajectory of the industry, with technology paving the way for a new model of customer experience that requires omnichannel CX.  
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