June 16

CCaaS Provider Launches New Support Platform

A prominent CX provider has launched a new optimization solution. The new solution would allow contact centers to visualize real-time customer journeys across multiple channels to support companies in measuring, monitoring, and improving journeys. This would help entities to uncover and employ insights that can identify and break down every barrier standing between people and experiences. 

Furthermore, the solution connects various enterprise software to unlock data, gain a better view of the customer, and assess certain customer behaviours to impact critical CX outcomes. 

The new platform would allow Genesys to harness the analytical capabilities and allow each vendor to support clients with additional information that could prompt them to enrich customer journeys, including customer intent and prior experiences.

How does the platform work?

The new platform will allow users to get more detailed insight into customer experience, making it easier to identify and isolate customer journey pain points through data visualization. This will help CX centers create personalized customer journeys that offer a seamless experience. 

The platform leverages advanced analytics to collect and analyze customer data to reveal insights into their experience. The results will be relayed through graphs, tables, and other visual representations making it easier to assess the customer’s flow through the omnichannel network. 

What are the benefits of using the platform?

Through this new platform, the CX vendor hopes to improve customer experience and awareness by offering greater visibility into customer behaviours and driving positive customer outcomes.  The insight could be used to refine their customer journeys and provide a better experience to their customers. 

For example, a broadcast and cable television company that adopted the solution discovered that customers who suspended mobile services had lower net promoter scores and a higher phone call-in rate. With this information, the company decided to expand self-service functions to save the company $1 million annually and increase its NPS score by seven points, providing a better customer experience. 

The new support platform promises to provide better insights into the customer experience and make smart improvements to the overall customer experience to build a better relationship with customers. 

With the platform’s launch, we can infer that organizations are looking for ways to understand what their customers are going through when they interact with the CCaaS platform and make meaningful changes through policies and procedures.

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