Eliminate manual effort for seamless functionality of Genesys cloud!

Automatically update and audit your DR Genesys Cloud org whenever changes are made to production


Automated business continuance planning and disaster recovery to mitigate risks with Continuance

Leverage a powerful end-to-end service, covering configuration tracking, automation, and consultancy services to improve continuance in your Genesys Cloud platform.

Continuance is an add-on to Symphony and is vital for optimizing your Genesys Cloud platform due to the unique challenges posed in business continuance planning due to a lack of automated avenues to move changed configurations between your production org and design org.

Here are a few key areas where the Continuance service from Blackchair can help organizations maximize ROI from Genesys Cloud:

  • Minimize the manual effort that is tied up in the tracking of changes
  • Retain all platform data to meet internal audit, regulatory, and compliance requirements.
  • Removes the need to manually gather changes that have occurred in your primary org
  • Configure alerts to notify on successful or non-sucessful updates as per client specifications.
  • Reduces manual effort in publishing change to any org including a DR
  • Eliminate human error and risks/errors arising from manual mistakes
  • Improves resilience massively in the event of a Genesys cloud outage
  • Supports extremely seamless transitions between production and DR org

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