November 21

Automation and AI will play a huge role in CX

As CX volume rises and pressure mounts on CX agents, organizations must find more innovative solutions to manage the rising call volume without compromising CX quality. 

While there are many viable solutions, automation and AI are emerging as the leading alternatives. By investing in these technologies, CX organizations can reduce operating costs and improve CX quality. 

In this industry update, we explore why automation and AI are emerging as the best solutions for improving CX. 

Benefits of implementing automation and AI for CX

Automation can be implemented across all touchpoints of customer interaction, including phone, chat, and email. 

For example, automated tools can take a customer call and recommend the best action. If the matter is urgent, the call can be forwarded to an agent. Having an automated solution can also reduce the call volume CX agents have to deal with, reducing strain on valuable resources. 

Moreover, it simplifies CX for customers because it provides them with self-service options, helping them resolve simple issues quickly and effectively, which leads to better customer satisfaction scores. 

Automation also reduces the risk of human error in customer interaction. Automated or virtual agents can get details such as the customer’s name or account number right, but there is a chance that human agents will get these details wrong, especially if they are overworked.  

In addition, AI-powered tools can empower agents. Tools such as natural language processing can provide agents with a comprehensive body of information that can provide better quality service. 

For example, when dealing with a customer, agents can look up past interactions relatively quickly to improve the speed and quality of customer service.

Creating better CX through automation and AI

Today, automation and AI are recognized as tools that can reduce operating costs. While this holds true, automation can do more than just reduce operational costs. 

Automated tools can improve the quality of service and address some of the major problems undermining the industry. It can be integrated effortlessly into current operations. 

This reduces the barrier to entry and encourages stakeholders to sign off on investing in technology.

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