November 28

AI and automation leading the charge on improving CX

CX has seen a remarkable evolution in importance and relevance over the past few years. 

Once relegated to a third party that had little interaction with the main department, many companies have begun to realize the importance of quality CX. Hence why the function has become an integral part of business operations. 

However, companies are doing more than just giving more importance to CX. They are looking to improve it by investing in AI and automation and with good reason. Studies show that experience-driven businesses outperform their counterparts by 1.4x in revenue growth.  

In the latest update, we discuss why AI and automation are leading the charge on better CX. 

Why AI and automation are critical for improving CX 

Analog-driven customer experiences often have broken processes and are fraught with issues that make CX frustrating for most consumers. 

However, AI can help organizations repair these broken processes and provide a smoother experience to customers. 

For example, over 60% of customers feel frequently disappointed when interacting with chatbots. But by using conversational AI backed by personas curated to different business sectors, it is possible to deploy virtual agents that resonate well with customers. 

Furthermore, if questions become too complex, the agent can collect customer information and pass it on to the service rep. 

Moreover, AI and automation can be helpful platforms to spread useful information on the CX. 

The information can be used to reveal any internal and external issues and policies that are disrupting CX. Given that CX is becoming a data-driven process, disseminating information that could reveal helpful insights about the process can help you in the long run.

Creating a better CX environment with AI and automation

As CX plays an integral role in the growth of companies, it is crucial to optimize the experience by analyzing it, discovering flaws and making improvements to make it better for customers. AI and automation can play an integral role in this process, which is why they play a critical role in the future.

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