May 23

Agility And Innovation Drive CCaaS Adoption

Over the past few years, the CX industry has been moving toward CCaaS for several years, choosing to leave behind legacy solutions to take advantage of the greater agility and flexibility promised by cloud-based solutions.

However, with omnichannel CX solutions becoming the norm, some of the top vendors in the industry are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering tools that can foster an agile experience.

Agility and innovation have been powerful incentives for CX organizations because it makes back-end operations easier to execute, allowing organizations to spend more time focusing on innovative work instead of repetitive technical tasks.

The promise of agility and flexibility become such a powerful motivator that it has propelled certain vendors to the top of the “best CCaaS platform providers” list

What value do the top CCaaS vendors offer? 

Simplified backend functions 

The top platform providers allow organizations to streamline backend functions, making the operation of an omnichannel platform far easier to manage and execute than before.

To streamline backend operations, most CCaaS solutions integrate automation technology and workflows to boost productivity within a multi-cloud environment and eliminate unnecessary operations that undermine efficiency. A simplified backend allows CX personnel to tap into more advanced functions because they no longer have to contend with basic, repetitive functions. 

Deeper analysis of customer interactions 

CX centers are looking to develop a better understanding of their customers by not only tracking the customer’s journey through the omnichannel network but understanding their experience when they interact with the network. 

Hence, why we are seeing the top CCaaS vendors provide additional insight into the customer’s interaction with the CX network by providing tools such as advanced analytics. These tools can collect and analyze data from different communication mediums, which you might encounter in an omnichannel CX platform. The additional insight would be critical feedback in understanding the customer’s perspective and refining the network to reflect a better experience.

Some vendors are even offering self-service tools to empower agents so they have the freedom to resolve problems they might encounter in quick time and devise quick solutions that could innovate operations. This autonomy is critical in adopting a CCaaS solution because it allows personnel to resolve issues quickly, reducing system downtime, and lowering costs. 

Creating a better CCaaS experience 

With CCaaS dominating the market, platforms featuring the tools to streamline complex backend functions, allow personnel to have a seamless and efficient experience that would enable organizations to unleash innovations and streamline working procedures.

As contact centers migrate to a new cloud-based platform, organizations are looking for platforms that allow for a seamless, transition where they can realize time-to-value faster to justify the investment; hence, why most vendors are looking to distinguish their offerings through a suite of backend tools that simplify the user experience.

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